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The Milk Powder that Nourishes Lives


Crafted with Pure Nature


Dairy all-rounder


Whole body wellness

Introducing Maymil, a milk powder brand that prioritizes nourishing lives. Maymil crafts its products using only the finest ingredients sourced from trusted dairy farms, As a unique brand in the dairy industry, Maymil offers extraordinary advantages that go beyond taste. This exceptional milk powder not only assures delicious flavor but also supports heart health, strengthens brain function, and fortifies bones. This enables you to embrace whole-body wellness.

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The Creamiest Milk Products: Discover Our Delicious Collection

Maymil Milk Benefits

Nutritious, tasty milk powder.

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Muscle Recovery and Growth

Maymil milk’s protein assists in repairing damaged muscles & helps in their growth.

Rich in Essential Nutrients

Our Maymil milk powder is loaded with nutritional elements that your body craves.

Lactose-Friendly Option

Those who are lactose intolerant can also enjoy Maymil milk without any discomfort.

Source of Essential Vitamins

Maymil milk is loaded with essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, and B12.

Supports Bone Health

Packed with Calcium, Maymil milk strengthens bones and empowers your skeletal system.



Maymil Milk Powder: Your Perfect Companion for Everyday Dairy Pleasures

MayMil Milk Powder offers an exceptional choice for retailers, wholesalers, marts, and minimarts seeking a high-quality alternative to big brands. Our product combines competitive pricing with top-notch quality, making it an ideal choice for businesses and customers alike. Discover the perfect balance of affordability and excellence with MayMil. You can find our product at popular stores like Chase, Magnet, BinHashim, Chaseup, UCAAZ, Retalio, Big Buy etc.

Available now on

  • Chase
  • Magnet
  • BinHashim
  • Hyderi Supermarket
  • Retalio
  • Big Buy
  • Daraz


Maymil Milk Powder: Elevate Your Food Business with the Perfect Companion

Maymil milk powder comes in two convenient packaging sizes: 5kg and 25kg, perfect for bulk buyers who need large quantities. It's specially crafted for businesses like bakeries, confectioneries, ice cream shops, bread makers, and chocolate industries. Get the quality and quantity you need with Maymil!


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